Utah Medical Marijuana Patient Could Face Death Penalty for Killing Police Officer

This is incredibly sad :( The war on drugs is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Matthew David Stewart fought for his country and for freedom, but he, like the rest of us in the USA, does not have true personal freedom due to the War on Drugs (well, just for starters). Soon, he may not even have his life.  Way to show our gratitude to our country’s veterans!  Is there anyone who feels “proud” of our country’s actions against medical patients like this?  Thanks for protecting us from ourselves big brother… you’re doing a great job keeping America’s citizens safe and happy… </sarcasm>

On a related note, this, and thousands of stories like this, is why Obama will not get my vote in 2012, and why Gary Johnson probably will.  President Obama, when you were elected, I wept with joy because I truly hoped you were bringing us change.  Instead, after you said that you had smoked pot yourself, and that you would not be targeting medical marijuana patients for persecution, you have done the exact opposite of what you promised.  We have had scandals such as Fast and Furious (where our own government provided weapons to dangerous drug cartels) and far too many tragedies like this one.  The soldier was not bothering anybody and was taking care of his own health as he saw fit.  What need was there to do this to him?  When our own government is the one doing the terrorizing, who polices the police?

As I have been saying for many years, How can we call ourselves the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” if we wont’ bravely allow everyone to be free?


Matthew David Stewart

Matthew David Stewart

OGDEN, UT — The medical marijuana patient who fired upon a narcotics task force as they raided his home Wednesday night, wounding five police officers and killing one, could face the death penalty when charges against him are formally filed.

Matthew David Stewart could face the death penalty for his role in a shootout with police that left one officer dead and five others wounded.

Matthew David Stewart, a 37 year old army veteran who suffers from PTSD, and self-medicates with marijuana, was injured in the shootout and remains under police guard at Ogden Regional Medical Center.

Stewart likely faces a charge of aggravated murder, which carries the death penalty, and additional charges of attempted aggravated murder, according to Weber County Attorney Dee W. Smith.

The shooting, which left Ogden Police officer Jared Francom and five other officers wounded, occurred Wednesday night when a dozen narcotics strike force officers attempted to execute a “knock” arrest warrant for a narcotics offense at Stewart’s home. Officers knocked on Stewart’s door and when no one answered entered the house.

Many say that Stewart, a veteran of the United States Army, was simply protecting his home from unknown intruders. Stewart, who worked the overnight shift at a local Walmart, was likely asleep when the police, in full tactical gear, entered his home.

“Why couldn’t they have done a little homework?” asked Michael Stewart, father of the suspect. ”If they had, they’d have known he’d be out at 11 o’clock [in the evening],” leaving the house to go to work. He said his son would have been easy to arrest then.

The elder Stewart said his son suffers from mental problems, possibly due to post-traumatic stress disorder. He said his son had never gone to the Veterans Administration to be diagnosed or seek help, but self-medicates with marijuana.

“He should have gone to get help, but in his eyes, it showed you were weak, and he tried to do it himself,” growing marijuana occasionally to self-medicate. Utah does not have a medical marijuana program.

State court records indicate Matthew Stewart’s only criminal conviction was in 2005 in on a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle without insurance. He paid a $350 fine.

Source: http://www.thedailychronic.net/2012/7840/utah-medical-marijuana-patient-could-face-death-penalty/

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